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Vitamin-E serum for your Face & Hair

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Recently in one of my beauty regime visits to the parlor, I was pointed out by my beautician how my skin has become overly dull and dry and she asked that “Don’t you use any cream or serum? That was the first time I came across the use of Vitamin E in beauty products as well. My skin being oily never really thought any product can really be useful. After a long discussion and recommendations finally came back home with a Vitamin E serum oil for my face and it wasn’t long for me to realize its wonder treatment.

I was aware that Vitamin E is the marvel drug for our body. Be it being beneficial for our eye or heart, it can do wonders in being the nutrient supplement for our overall body. Beside these, it has been beneficial for our skin and hair as well. From being oil supplement for our skin to providing nourishment and growth to our hair, it surely serves its purpose well. Weather it is the Vitamin E capsules, oil, and serum or in the natural form found in green leafy vegetables, it can be taken for the over-all betterment of our body.

Here I shall get deep into how a Vitamin E-serum is useful for our face and hair.

Now, let’s first understand the forms in which Vitamin E serum is available for our use and how should we use it



For our face, Vitamin E serum is available in forms such as:

  • Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in- Oil which comes which combining effect of serum and oil giving the right rejuvenation to our face skin
  • Vitamin E Moisture Serum Homemade Vitamin E serum can be made from ingredients such as Vitamin E capsule, Almond oil, Aloe Vera and Frankincense Oil
  • Vitamin E capsules directly or whipped into our usual night creams.

Irrespective of the form available, take a sparing amount of serum in your palm and rub it to make it form. Then apply in patting motion on your face and massage in small circular movements for complete absorption into the skin. Usually preferred to be used overnight for it to work aptly.


This precious benefit also helps in the beautification of hair. Forms in which it is available and can be used are:

  • Vitamin E Hair Oil Serum where the serum can be combined either with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil.

– Vitamin E Hair serum with Aloe Vera

– Vitamin Hair Serum

– Vitamin E capsules

– Vitamin E Hair oil mask comprising of castor oil, ylang-ylang essential oil and rose essential oil.

The Vitamin E capsule can be popped and applied hair lengthwise and in the scalp and can be washed off after half an hour. The pure Vitamin E serum can be used on damp hair after washing for nourishment purpose. It can also be used as a varied form of hairs masks.

Now let’s look into the pluses of Vitamin E serum for your face and hair.

Vitamin-E serum for your Face & Hair

Here are some of key Benefits of Vitamin E Serum

  • It acts as opt solution for acne and scar treatment.
  • Helps in preventing premature aging of the face
  • Replenishes and refreshes the face while acting the ideal moisturizer
  • Treats sunburns on the face.
  • Provides the right nourishment for hair growth.
  • Repairs and prevents split ends of hair
  • It prevents depletion of tissues, hence would stop premature greying of hair.
  • Acts as hair cleanser and removal of dandruff.

While I have been using vitamin e serum for face and hair in different forms I found The Indie Earth Deep Hydrating Advanced Vitamin E Skin & Hair Serum – In – Oil is quite a good product which retains the natural properties of the ingredients while giving equally amazing results as homemade serum.

What to be careful of?

Few things to be considered while using Vitamin E serum either on your face or as a part of your hair-care routine are:

It can be oily and greasy, hence to be used at night and in smaller quantities.  While applying the serum on your scalp, make sure to use it in smaller quantity and wash it off or it can end up making your hair sticky and messed up.

Vitamin-E serum for your Face & Hair

Bottom Line

Use the serum in its natural form as possible for optimum benefits.

Start using Vitamin E serum today for healthy looking face and hair!!

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