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Why Should You Be Cautious about Blindly Following a Blogging Routine?

Why Should You Be Cautious about Blindly Following a Blogging Routine?

Many bloggers ask me during interviews what my blogging day looks like.

People want to know my blogging routine.

I used to have a strict routine. I followed it blindly.

Eventually, I observed how my effectiveness lessened the more rigid I became.


People change. Life change. Life is fluid. People are fluid.

How do you know what tomorrow brings? How will you feel tomorrow? We are human. Today, writing feels so fun to you, that you write for 14 hours. Tomorrow, writing feels like a complete drag. If you spend 14 hours doing something that feels like a complete drag, you have a job. You do not have a blog. Nor are you a budding pro blogger.


Blogging is a feelings game.

Routines and Feelings

People muck it up. People believe following a strict routine of doing certain things leads to success. Absolutely not. What you do in and of itself is worthless. How you feel while you blog – and live – means everything.

Passionate bloggers feel passionate, have fun, blog from a chill, relaxed, detached energy, trust in the process, never panic, and made loads of money down the road. Note the feelings; passion, fun, relaxed, chill, detached, trusting. I know of a 7 figure blogger who made $600 during their first years of blogging. The blogger published 2-3 valuable posts daily. Being passionate, relaxed, poised and trusting, they did not panic after writing 700-1000 helpful posts to yield $600. $1,000,000 and more eventually flowed to this blogger. Blogging is a feelings game.

At The Core…

At its core, bloggers following routines blindly give zero thought to their feelings while following routines and give all of their faith and trust to actions within the routine itself. Following routines from a rigid, force-filled, tense energy emits a loud, heavy vibe of fear and resistance, being met by the fear-filled results of struggle and failure.

Routines do not bring you success. Your energy BEFORE and WHILE you blog brings you success if you predominantly vibe fun, ease, relaxation and belief in self. Writing posts, guest posts and blog comments from 8 AM to 4 PM a day does not make you successful. Feeling really good, calm, poised and relaxed, THEN feeling good and relaxed and trusting as you write and connect with bloggers, brings success.

Routines Work if You Feel Relaxed Following Routines

If you feel relaxed following a blogging routine, you shall succeed following routine.

But if something breaks up your routine and you flip out, you proved that you did NOT feel relaxed following the routine. You attached to the routine out of fear. Fear is a destructive, failing emotion. Life is fluid so do yourself a favor; trash a blogging routine in favor of doing what feels good and relaxing to you.

If anything, follow a mindset routine. Consider meditating, doing deep yin yoga and power walking to raise your vibe, to keep your energy flowing and to emit a calm, confident vibe.

Bottom Line

Follow your fun in a relaxed, chill manner.

Succeed by following your greatest, most relaxing, fun.

Post Credit :Ryan Biddulph. He helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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