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Happiness Health & Wellness Lifestyle


Very romantic, huh? These come in various sizes and forms, as well as hold different meanings in varied situations. An expectant mother is ecstatic when she and her partner, whenever around, hears the tiny heart beating through old fashioned…

Happiness Health & Wellness Lifestyle

Yoga Way of Living

  Though I was always fascinated towards being healthy and fit, I was not too fond of doing yoga. But sometime back, just for the sake of winning a challenge given by a friend, I kick-started my yoga practice.…


Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

  Let me begin with a small story- “Once upon a time, two young boys were playing on thin ice. As they were playing, one of them fell through that ice into the lake underneath. The other one tried…

Career Happiness

Is It Really Difficult to Achieve Goals?

Why do many of us find it difficult to achieve our goals? Is it the lack of determination or low sense of worth? Well I think there are several things that contribute to the same, such as –          Not…

Happiness Lifestyle

Ignite your Inner Spark

Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibilities into flames of achievement” – Golda Meir   We all have it inside us. It’s a beam of light that directs us towards the meaning to…