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4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

When most people think about meditation, the thought that immediately springs to mind is a Yogi sitting cross-legged on the floor in complete silence or chanting a mantra. While this is certainly one form, it is by far only one of many.

In fact, today we’re going to discuss dancing as a form of meditation. You may not know this, but dancing is a natural, flowing form of meditation that is perfect for those who have a difficult time sitting still and focusing on their breath or a mantra for hours upon hours.

Another great thing about dancing is it’s an intoxicating experience. It’s a great way to get your body moving, become in tune with everyone and everything around you, and experience the love and joy that permeates from everyone in their moment of dancing ecstasy.

Not only will you experience the benefits of meditation, but you’ll also discover a great way to experience a natural high while on the dance floor. And it’s a wonderful drug-free way to expand your consciousness without having to suffer from the devastating side effects that narcotics and alcohol typically cause users.

Before you change into your dance gear and drive to a local studio, please consider these four reasons why we feel dancing is a wonderful form of meditation. If you’re then thoroughly convinced of the benefits of this practice, we totally support you and highly recommend you begin dancing as a type of meditation as soon as humanly possible.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

1. It’s Been Around for A Lot Longer Than You Think

                                                                                4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

Dance is a consciousness stirring experience that helps put you into a meditative state. While you’re out on the dance floor, you’ll often feel like you slipped into the zone as you move to the music and move your body to the rhythm. It’s also a great way to help you achieve levels of deep self-awareness which is amazing because this is what will ultimately help you get centered and make you feel whole.

Believe it or not, Native Americans have used dance and rhythmic movements as part of their rituals for many, many years. Dance puts you in a trance-like state that allows the dancer to manifest just about anything they could ever desire. Have you ever heard of a rain dance? According to Native American tradition, when you do this dance correctly you will be able to summon the rain. You could also dance to summon good health, prosperity, and so much more.

No one says you have to go outside in your backyard and build a huge bonfire that you’ll dance around during a full moon. While you can certainly enjoy these tribal dance routines, they aren’t necessary in order to experience a meditative state.

On the contrary, you can turn on your stereo inside your living room and dance around and move your body to the music. This is a great way to go on an inward spiritual journey, help you release stress and tension, and also experience cathartic moments of joy and happiness.

2. Connect with Others on a Deeper Level through Meditative Dance

One of the best parts about meditation is that you not only get to know yourself better, you’ll also become much more connected with the rest of the world. We are all one in this universe and meditation will help you see just how true this statement really is.

Guess what? If you begin dancing meditatively you’ll begin to establish a spiritual connection with yourself and others from all around the world. Your spirit will align with other people through this meditative act and you’ll start to experience fellowship, connection, and bliss as you become more one with the rest of the beautiful people throughout the universe.

This type of meditation is going to help you reach a higher dimension. And this new level of connection through the art of dance will help you achieve heightened spiritual experiences. You’ll suddenly know what it feels like to live life on the metaphysical plane and you’ll even start to develop a bond with other dancers like you’ve never imagined before.

The art of meditative dance can certainly be practiced alone but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can dance with others and develop an emotional bond that is destined to last a lifetime.

3. Experience What it’s like to Be in the Moment through Meditative Dance

Another reason to begin dancing meditatively is learning how to shed the past and the future so you can live life in the present. By dancing using certain art forms like ballet, your mind is not going to wander. It is going to stay in the present and focus on performing difficult dance moves as you live in the moment.

Perfecting your dance is definitely a good thing. It will move you into a meditative state that will allow you to step fully into the present and experience the dance in the here and now, which is exactly how you’ll feel amazingly present within your life.

4. Dancing Helps You Gain Control of Your Mind

Meditation is important because it helps us gain control of our mind. Many of us cannot sit still long enough to meditate in a traditional way, so the best way to gain control is to do so by dancing. When you approach meditation this way, you’ll experience more awareness, greater self-control, and you’ll even know exactly what your body is telling you. So if you’ve struggled with traditional forms of meditation, dancing is a great way to experience the benefits without having to sit still and be miserable.

4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

Final Thoughts

Dancing is certainly an art form but you may not have realized that it’s so much more than that. As you can see, it’s one of the best ways to meditate, exercise, and get in the zone. So if you haven’t danced in a while, we highly recommend doing so sooner rather than later to make the most of the mental and physical health benefits it provides.

4 Reasons Why Dancing is one of the Best form of Meditation

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