Best Solution for Furnished Rental Homes – OYO LIFE

Best Solution for Furnished Rental Homes - OYO LIFE

Recently my cousin got the job in Noida (she is originally from Indore). Her parents were not willing to let her go alone due to security issues. Since, I am from Delhi, the responsibility to find the Best PG in Noida for her was given to me. I spoke to several brokers who help in getting PG accommodation in Noida to students and working professionals. Unfortunately, nothing worked out because either the accommodation wasn’t hygienic and safe or brokers were charging very high. Since she is supposed to stay in Noida for few months only, there is no point of paying high brokerage to the real estate agents. Therefore, practically, none of the options were feasible.

After doing some research online and speaking to a few of my friends, I got the recommendation for Oyo Life. This really clicked with me, because

How to find Best Furnished Rental Rooms

–        There are lots of options available on OYO Life (for example – we found about 90 options for PG in Noida in different sectors, so it was easy for us to locate the apartment which is close to my cousin’s workplace.)

–       They provide fully Furnished Rental Homes with all must-have amenities such as Wi-Fi, Television, DTH, Refrigerator, washing machine, Water RO, Power Backup, air conditioner and CCTV surveillance. Therefore, you need not worry about buying expensive home appliances or spending lot of money in making all these arrangements for yourself)

–      The apartments are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance, therefore safety is ensured. Safety is one of the key factors to consider, Now-a-days; especially when you are staying alone, away from home. All the apartments provided by Oyo life are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.

–       One can share the apartment with 1-2 more persons (Double to triple sharing rooms), therefore the cost of the apartment is also shared. Although, if someone wants, he or she can opt for single occupancy apartment as well (depending upon their needs and budget). It’s completely your choice.

–          In the app/website, you can put filters on the basis of your priorities such as

a.) Gender preference – For example, if you are a female you can choose to have sharing with other females and rule out the other gender. This holds good for the other genders too.

b.) Single, Double or triple occupancy – some people like to stay with some partners so that they can get company of others, whereas lot of people love to live in isolation due to their need for privacy or may be studies. This website allows you to value your preferences. If do don’t like to share your space with anyone else, you are free to do so. There are options available for single, double and triple occupancy. In fact, I have seen many low cost PGs which try to accommodate 4 or even 5 people in a big hall and reduce the cost, but at Oyo life, you can get maximum of 2 more partners in an apartment.

c.) Budget – You can pick the apartment which fits in your budget. Simply put in the filter and you will be shown accommodation within the the budget.

d.) Locality – This is something really important, lot of people prefer to have the apartment which is near to their work place or institution, so that they can save time and money spent on commuting.   

PG in Noida

–          The best part is, you need not pay the brokerage for this. (You need to pay one month security deposit, which you anyways need to pay, when you take any apartment on rent)

I think, Oyo life is indeed the Best solution for ready to move-in furnished long-term stays

Oyo Life is a venture of Oyo Rooms, which is already an established name in offering budget lodging. Oyo Life is available on both web and mobile application. You can simply download the app and start looking for the kind of accommodation you are looking for.

For more savings on your stay, there are many offers and coupons available, which can help you in saving some money on rent.

As of now, Oyo Life is available in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. We can expect them to expand in other cities soon.

Best Suited for

Primarily the accommodation offered by OYO LIFE are PGs (paying guest accommodation), therefore it’s most suitable for

–          Students coming from other cities to study

–          Working professionals with new jobs and long term assignments

So, if you need to move to some other city, consider looking for OYO Life for the Best solution for long term stays.


If you need to relocate to some other city, I would highly recommend OYO Life, instead of reaching out local brokers. It helps in saving money (Zero Brokerage) and finding the hustle free accommodation as per your needs.

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