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Delancey Real Estate: Proud Supporter of Stop.Breathe.Think.

Delancey Real Estate: Proud Supporter of Stop.Breathe.Think.

In 2023, Delancey Real Estate joined forces with its team in Elephant and Castle town centre and the Stop.Breathe.Think. charity, launching an initiative designed to promote mental health and support young people. The pilot scheme is enabling young people in the Elephant and Castle area to access vital mental health support services, matching those in need of support with qualified counsellors for a course of six weekly online sessions tailored to the individual needs of each service user.

Delancey Real Estate and Elephant and Castle town centre have provided funding to Stop.Breathe.Think., a mental health charity, financing a new pilot scheme that will provide counselling sessions to young people in need. Stop.Breathe.Think. also stages wellbeing drop-in sessions, enabling service users to spend up to 30 minutes speaking with a fully trained, on-call counsellor. 

Delancey Real Estate was founded by Jamie Ritblat. The company is proud to support the Stop.Breathe.Think. campaign, having recently embarked on an ambitious redevelopment project in Elephant and Castle town centre. Stop.Breathe.Think.’s initiative is intended to ensure that people aged up to 21 years old living in the local area will be able to access the vital mental health support services they need.

As part of the scheme, Stop.Breathe.Think. is displaying posters across the Elephant and Castle area, enabling young people to access support simply by scanning a QR code. The posters are available in both hard copy and digital form via shops, offices, job fairs and newsletters distributed across the area. The posters also feature on the Elephant and Castle town centre website, serving as an access point for the service and welcoming young people with a brief explainer video illustrating precisely what will happen if they need to access support. Service users can then proceed to book their first session.

Intake counsellors will assess each service user’s individual needs, matching them to the most appropriate counsellor for a course of six weekly online sessions. Throughout their journey, each service user is also provided with 24/7 text support as well as regular wellbeing sessions.

Speaking about the scheme, Jamie Ritblat, Delancey Real Estate chairman and founder, pointed out that the company has a long relationship with the Stop.Breathe.Think. charity, which is providing critically needed youth mental health support. Over the last decade, Delancey Real Estate has supported a number of mental health charities. However, Jamie Ritblat explained that this initiative is particularly close to his heart, recognising that the pressures facing young people are getting tougher, with long waiting lists for mental health support often leaving those in the most vulnerable positions in local communities without adequate access to the help they need. Jamie Ritblat indicated that this is why Delancey Real Estate is working with Stop.Breathe.Think., supporting young people in Elephant and Castle. Delancey Real Estate has invested in the long-term in the area, with the company redeveloping the town centre. Through the Stop.Breathe.Think. scheme, Delancey Real Estate will also be able to ensure that young people who need help can access it when they need it for free.

Diana Barranco is the community director for Elephant and Castle town centre. Speaking about the scheme, she confirmed that the organisation is thrilled to support the delivery of Stop.Breathe.Think.’s vital services in Elephant and Castle, describing the charity’s mission to support young people in need at such short notice as ‘incredible’.

Stop.Breathe.Think.’s founder, Dan Charlish, explained that since launching the service during the pandemic, the charity had seen continuing growth in demand for services. The impact of COVID-19 has been huge for young people around the world, particularly in terms of mental health. Acknowledging this, Dan Charlish highlighted the importance of young people being able to access the counselling support they need, when they need it, which has been the charity’s goal from the outset. He added that the support from Delancey Real Estate and Elephant and Castle town centre has enabled Stop.Breathe.Think. to launch its service in a targeted area of London. Dan Charlish described it as a fantastic step forward and one the charity hoped to replicate across the country, adding that he was hugely grateful for the support.

Providing game-changing mental health support for young people, Stop.Breathe.Think.’s services are available throughout the UK today, providing people aged 21 or younger with free access to one-to-one counselling sessions and delivering vital support to those in need right now. Since its inception, the charity has provided 17,230 counselling sessions, working with 127 youth organisations to support more than 3,000 young people across the UK.

The Stop.Breathe.Think. website provides a wealth of resources to help young people who need support, providing guides and advice on a range of different topics surrounding mental health, including tips on anger management, dealing with anxiety, coping with depression and other mental health issues. The Stop.Breathe.Think. blog also explores a variety of different aspects of mental health, including eating disorders and insomnia, as well as sharing tactics to cope with loneliness.

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