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How to Fix Monday Blues?

How to fix Monday Blues

It is Monday only, and you are already dreaming about a weekend?

Perhaps, there are times in life when you don’t feel like going to work and feel only one thing – to hide with your head under the blanket, close your eyes and forget about everything. The reason for this does not have to be laziness. Much more often, energy is stolen by stress at work, constant rush, poor relationships in the team, mobbing from bosses or colleagues, lack of moral and material incentives to work with dedication. Such factors are good reasons for the blues. And if such a condition lasts longer than two weeks, then it is fraught with apathy – a severe mental disorder that occurs chronically and can even lead to disability.

How to fix Monday Blues?

For some, unwillingness to go to the office can occur sharply, at one point, for others, hostility to work accumulates over the years. In any case, you will not be envious of those who already on Monday begin to count how many days are left before the weekend, and at the end of the vacation, they shake with fear at the very thought of meeting with colleagues and superiors. Concentrating on the negative, we deprive ourselves of energy. Negative emotions instantly change the biochemical composition of blood, cause fatigue, and take away human strength. It is very dangerous.

Work at full capacity!

Think of your work not as hard labor or means to an end, but as a creative process. Whatever you do, do it honestly. So you can even get carried away with the fact that at first, you do not like it. Approach any work with all seriousness, and your activity will make sense. Experiment more and find ways to work that will allow you to achieve the best results. At the same time, do not forget to praise yourself. The higher your self-esteem, the happier you will feel.

Push your boundaries!

Regularly sign up for continuing education courses, try to learn from the experience of more successful colleagues, and engage in self-education. The constant desire for development not only motivates but also contributes to personal growth and a successful career.

Learn to manage your time!

Proper time management is the way to success. Be sure to keep a business calendar memo. It will help you to use your personal and working time effectively, make your life productive and comfortable. Order in life makes a person happier.

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How to Fix Monday Blues

Expose your talents!

Try to take on tasks in the performance of which you will be able to reveal your abilities and talents fully. Participation in such projects will bring real pleasure, and you will feel at your best! You will understand that a lot depends on you. Success and recognition in the team are ensured.

Enjoy your way to work!

As research shows, a person who gets to work and from work home at rush hour by personal or public transport experiences even more stress than a fighter pilot during a combat flight. Therefore, try to make the road pleasant. If you are traveling by train, read an interesting book or newspaper, and if you are driving, listen to pleasant music or an audiobook.

Be sure to do sports!

Exercising relieves stress and promotes the formation of hormones of happiness. Therefore, every day is good to start with charging. Well, if you, also, regularly conduct more serious training – say, do half-hour runs three times a week – then you are guaranteed a good mood and a surge of energy.

Stay away from unpleasant people!

Try to communicate as little as possible with the nervous, hostile people who cause negative emotions and spoil the mood of others. It is better to be in the company of cheerful, positive, fun, sensible people who know how to listen and understand the interlocutor, spreading love and harmony. Chat with such a person, and the spleen is over.

Understand the Situation

To change the situation, you must first understand it.

You can use the principle of analysis on a graphical table consisting of vertical and horizontal scales.

The vertical scale is temporary. It shows the individual years of your work in this company. And on the horizontal, the level of your motivation is noted over the years: the minimum score is 1 point, the maximum is 10 points.

Having followed the dynamics of your motivation development, try to find answers to such questions as:

  • Have your colleagues’ behavior towards you changed over the past years, and for what reasons?
  • What metamorphosis have your relationships with superiors undergone, and why?
  • What prospects did you promise when you started working in this company? Are these promises kept?
  • Did you enjoy working at the start, and how are things now?
  • Are there any chances to change the situation for the better. If so, which ones?

Having dealt with all this, you will understand whether it is worth continuing to work in this company or is it better to look for another option?

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How to fix Monday blues?

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