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Unique and Simple Date Ideas

Unique and Simple Date Ideas

Coming up with interesting and enjoyable date ideas oftentimes becomes an exercise with more of the same. Of course, there are certain types of activities that naturally are ideally suited for dating. With that said, taking a break from normal dating routines can be a wise course. These are some unique and simple date ideas.

Here are Some Unique and Simple yet Most Romantic Date Ideas

– Have a Private Sing-a-Long

You don’t need to go out on the town to take in karaoke. A cute date idea is to stay home and have a private sing-a-long. This can be done over a bottle of wine.

This type of date is ideally suited to a couple in which one or both have at least some musical skills. For example, if a person has the ability to play a musical interest, the private sing-a-long can be a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for a couple.
– Take Music Lessons

Take the whole private sing-a-long a step further and jointly take music lessons. You may spend a bit of time trying to decide upon a type of music lesson that you are both interested in. With that hurdle to address, once you land on something you think you will both enjoy, you are likely to find that you enjoy the recurring “dates” associated with your regular music lessons.

– Go to the Farmer’s Market

A tried and perfect date idea is to check out antique shops. While it is true that antiquing is not for everyone, it’s done with some regularity as a date option. This usually is the case because one person in the couple enjoys checking out antique shops and the other in the pair goes along.

There is another option that is something of a takeoff on antiquing. You can plan a date around a trip to the farmer’s market. The reality is that very few people don’t like going to a farmer’s market.

– Hang Out at a Jazz or Blues Club

Even if you’ve not historically been much of a jazz or blues fan, a good date night suggesting is to go to a jazz or blues club. You likely will be able to find a comfortable, even snug, place to sit. Here you and your loved one can have an enjoyable night out, and take in amazing music at the same time.

If you’re community lacks a jazz blues bar, think about including a visit to this type of establishment the next time you travel to a city in which this time of live entertainment exists. Odds are that time in a jazz or blues spot will be a prized memory of your trip.

– Game Night

Oftentimes, a game night involves inviting people to your home, or going to someone else’s for the evening. Game night isn’t oftentimes thought of as a perfect first date idea.

Stay home. Pull out a game that you and your partner or significant other enjoy. Perhaps add a nice vintage to the mix. Once you have your first more intimate game night between you and your significant other, this is likely to become a regular activity in your life.

Unique and Simple Date Ideas

– Just Get Some Ice Cream

Dates do not need to be complicated, expensive endeavors. Take a step back in time. Odds are you made more than a few trips to the ice cream parlor to get the cold treat. A perfect date idea for you and your loved one is to go out and get some ice cream.

If you don’t have an ice cream parlor near you, do it yourself. Swing by the market, get some cones and some different types of ice cream. Head home, or to the park or some other location, and enjoy some ice cream.

– Take in a Street Fair

During the summer time, and into the fall, many communities across the country have street fairs of different types. These include everything from musical street fairs to ethnic ones. Not only are these entertaining events, they can also be the perfect background for a unique, laidback date. As an aside, street fairs typically offer food as well, a practice which is becoming more common thanks to food trucks.

– Art Walk

On a somewhat related note, many communities in the United States now have recurring art walks. Oftentimes, these are scheduled on the first Friday of the month.

During an art walk, galleries and other venues in a specific district or neighborhood open their doors. Many times, these establishments serve nibbles and even wine. An art walk is yet another idea for an enjoyable, stress free date.

Simple and unique date ideas


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