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How to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy and Healthy for Longer

How to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy and Healthy for Longer

As your loved one’s age, they are likely to experience more health issues than they did in their youth, and this can be incredibly distressing for both them and the people they are close to. Keeping your aging loved ones happy and healthy as they get older will start to become your priority as time goes by. However, encouraging your loved ones to look after their health can be more difficult than you might expect, and so this guide will help you to make sure that your elderly family and friends can stay fitas fiddles for longer.

1. Consider Senior Living

Health problems can be particularly stressful for older people who are worried about having to move out of their homes for care, and most families will do all that they can to keep their loved ones independent for as long as possible. However, if your loved one’s health is in decline, it might be time to consider transferring them to a senior living community where they can get on-hand medical care and attention 24 hours a day. Not only this, but senior living communities are also filled with social opportunities and events that can prevent them from being lonely, and that can increase their happiness. If you are looking at this option for your elderly family members, Brandywine Living can give them the luxury that they deserve while they are struggling with health problems.

How to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy and Healthy for Longer

2. Create a Health Plan

When an aging loved one is struggling with their health or attempting to stay healthy for longer, you will not be able to watch over them every second of the day. If that is the case, you should consider creating a health plan that will allow you to discuss with your parents or elderly friends the advantages of certain activities and what they can do to safeguard their health for the future. They will then be able to follow this health plan while you are not around, which can both help them to stay healthy and ensure that you are safe in the knowledge that they are looking after themselves to the best of their ability. However, it is important that you always discuss this plan with them and that you work on the steps that they need to take together. 

3. Back-Up Your Advice

Even though you might have the best of intentions at heart, your loved ones might not think so and might be determined to continue unhealthy habits that they enjoyed in their youth and that you may be worried about, such as smoking. If you believe that your advice is not being taken seriously, you should consider backing this up with words from your doctor or another medical professional who they are more likely to listen to. This will then encourage them to follow the advice that you have given them while ensuring that they get the best medical guidance possible. 

4. Communicate with Doctors

Even if your loved one is incredibly healthy now, they may not always be. Not only this, but they might start to show subtle symptoms today of tomorrow’s health problems. It is a good idea to ensure that you and your loved one communicate with doctors frequently about their health and that your doctor is aware of your loved one’s medical history. This can help any issues to be spotted sooner. You should also encourage your loved ones to attend an annual medical examination every year, which will allow them to be checked over by a doctor even if they have no symptoms of any of the most common conditions in seniors. However, the most important action that you can take to help them with this is to take them to any outstanding appointments with their doctor, as elderly people often struggle to get transport to these. 

5. Manage Their Health Conditions

If your loved one does have a health condition, you must check that they know how to manage this correctly and that you both understand the condition and what you can do to treat it. For instance, you might check that they are taking their medication or invest in a pill reminder or alarm for them that can allow them to take their medication independently, without anyone having to be there with them. 

6. Help Them to be Social

How to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy and Healthy for Longer
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Staying social is incredibly important for elderly people as this can help their minds stay active and prevent the physical decline that loneliness can bring about. You should then encourage them to attend social events for elderly people, arrange to take them out with you, continue to invite them to family events, and arrange transport to meetings if they require it. You should also always try to be available for a quick cup of coffee and a chat, rather than just when they are experiencing a medical emergency. 

7. Help Them to Eat Healthily

Seniors need to have a different diet to younger people as their body’s requirements change over time. However, seniors can often find it difficult to cook large meals for themselves, especially if they have mobility issues. Then, you can help them to eat healthily by booking them a ready meal service that offers home delivery, batch cooking meals for them yourself, or looking for a door-to-door meal service which could help them to get the nutritious hot meal that they need when they are unable to make this for themselves.

How to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy and Healthy for Longer

8. Take Their Stress Away

Stress can be especially damaging for elderly people as it can exacerbate their health conditions and make their health and happiness decline rapidly. Then, you should find ways to offload any stresses that they are experiencing, even if this is as simple as providing them with a listening ear. For instance, some elderly parents may want you to help them to manage their finances. or support them through a family problem that is leaving them feeling as if they have lost energy and enthusiasm for life.

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