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Yet Another Gripping Movie on ZEE5 – Thoratti

Yet Another Gripping Movie on ZEE5 – Thoratti

I am a North-Indian and don’t really understand the Tamil Language, but the Movie Thoratti (that comes with Subtitles in English) gripping enough for anyone who loves period drama movies.

Thoratti is one of many new drama films released on ZEE5 during the Lockdown due to the pandemic The story of the movie is based on true events that actually happened in Southern Tamil Nadu. Set in 1980s Ramanathapuram, this drama movie revolves around the character of Mayan, a kind-hearted shepherd, who leads a happy life with his wife, Semponnu.

An Overview of the Movie – Thoratti

In this film, Sathyakala played an incredible role in Semponnu. She brings a whole load of virtuous annoyance to the trope. Semponnu is a woman who isn’t wary when it comes to giving a piece of mind to her husband or his reckless friends. She is courageous enough to take tough decisions that leave a lasting impact on her husband’s mind. Her bold character completely steals the show. She is a goatherd herself and she uses a Thoratti (a sickle mounted on a stick) to pluck Puliyampazham from the trees and eat. 

On the other hand, Shaman Mithru, is playing the role of Manan, who traditionally uses thoratti. But Thoratti is also used by Manan in a song sequence where he flatters Semponnu (Sathyakala).

Manan and Semponnu are two lovers who are quite influenced by people who are ready to split them apart. Lots of amazing characterizations are sprinkled throughout the script, that doesn’t stop with the characters either. 

Thorati has two separate music directors — one for songs and one for BGM. The cinematography of the movie is outstanding and captures the simplicity and splendour of the village perfectly.

Like a lot of words in Tamil, Thorati also has an imitative word — Thorathi, which means to get turned away. These are a bunch of wanderers who entered Ramanathapuram district in the 80s for food. They found food, but they also found love, land, and a better life.

The movie covers the era, when the issue of migration into Tamil Nadu from other states and whether it causes exhaustion in available resources to the native populace, was the point of argument. This film’s essential message of the itinerant nature of love behind our being and memories is a touching thought to walk away with.

On the whole, directed by P. Marimuthu, the movie is worth-a-binge. The natural yet strong performances by the entire star cast are the highpoints of the movie.

Wrapping Up – Movie Review – Thoratti

I know, many of us don’t understand the Tamil Language, but the subtitles of the movie in English makes it easy for everyone to understand and worth watching. Due to the Global pandemic Situation, none of us can go out and watch a movie in Theatres. So, I find it a great idea to get the ZEE5 premium, grab a tab of pop-corn, and watch some of the finest movies and classy series at the comfort of home. Besides, there are many more amazing Movies for Kids on ZEE5, which will not only entertain the kids but also their parents.

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