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Yogis and Yoginis

What do Yogis and Yoginis do to become, who they are? Hear it from Yogini – Charu Lata 
I was in Bali earlier this year. Why? On holiday? Work? In Bali? was on a mini sabbatical.

Why did I choose Bali? I didn’t – Bali chose me! Though I love traveling, Bali was never on my list for I don’t know! Then one of my good friend told me about a course she did in Bali and how amazing it was. I was interested, and as soon as that course got available, I signed up! Till the day of my travel, I didn’t had Visa, my office didn’t relieve me, health wasn’t in best of the shape, but I was determined.

Yogi and YoginisWhole journey was planned on a shoe-string budget, but I ended up over-shooting…well, what the heck? You don’t come to Bali every day that too on a solo trip 😀

I had most amazing teacher, and equally wonderful mates. I had this beautiful chance of spending time from 10 different continents, which I wasn’t going to waste. These were young as well as retired; women, men, gay; seasoned practitioners to teachers in themselves; warming in the support of friends, sharing deep in their heart hidden situations, unwrapping unexplored emotions. I learnt a lot.

One is spoilt for food choices in this wonderful island. I’m a vegetarian, and unlike the difficulties that I face in other countries I travel to, I was spoilt. Every day was a new day, new dish, sweet, savory…& delicious!

Travel. Yes, towards the end of program I got wings.

Go ahead, get yours! Indulge in some yoga, meditation, fitness activity that boosts your mood. YUJ.CLUB is happy to host you.

Sea of OMs

Charu Lata is the Founder & President of YUJ.CLUB aka YUJ Spiritual Foundation. Recently YSF is recognized by one of the leading University in the category of “Best Service Award for Significant National Contribution – Health & Wellness”. We are grateful for the support of our well-wishers who made this journey possible. Connect with us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or email

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