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Inspired Living The Shooting Stars

Let’s Not Curb Passion

Charu lata, St. Valentine month born girl, who adores anything related to Love. Initial years of her life are she spent in typical middle class upbringing, where emphasis was on education and family values. Being frugal, and environment conscious…

Yog Nidra – What is it and How it affects Body and Mind
Workshops and Practices

Yog Nidra and Meditation Intensive Workshop

Introducing Yog Nidra and Meditation Intensive Workshop. Yog Nidra is Mother Nature’s beautiful gift of healing with deep sleep. Our highly experienced Yog Nidra specialist, Sunder Singh Rotela takes you through a beautifully designed Yoga Nidra for Sleep &…

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Yogis and Yoginis

What do Yogis and Yoginis do to become, who they are? Hear it from Yogini – Charu Lata I was in Bali earlier this year. Why? On holiday? Work? In Bali? was on a mini sabbatical. Why did I…