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Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help?

Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help

As young children, it’s hard to imagine that your parents would ever need help with anything, but as we grow older,things change, and the reality of aging becomes ever more apparent. As an adult now, you might worry about your elderly parents and how they are coping, particularly if they live alone. Many senior citizens will need some kind of support in their later years, but sometimes they might not be ready or willing to admit it. This is why it’s important to look out for signs that they might need assistance but could be too proud to say anything. Below are some key things that could indicate that your elderly parents might require some help and specialist care.

Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help?

Memory Loss

It’s perfectly normal to draw a blank when trying to remember something occasionally, and everyone experiences this every once in a while. However, if you have noticed that your elderly parents are beginning to struggle more frequently with their memory, this could be a sign of dementia. While forgetting small things might not be so concerning, if there have been incidents when a faucet has been left running or a burner on the stove has been left on, this could lead to more serious accidents and should be a red flag. If they are developing problems with their memory, it might be time to think about the different care options available to ensure they stay safe and comfortable.

Limited Mobility

As we age, we gradually become less agile, and senior citizens might lose their ability to walk without support or struggle to get up and down stairs or get tired out easier so they can’t travel over a certain distance on foot. If your elderly parents are struggling to get around these days or perhaps have had a fall that has resulted in an injury, consider how you can make their home more comfortable. Certain modifications such as support bars, stairlifts, or even shower and bath chairs can help them continue to live in their homes with a bit more ease. You might even want to consider hiring a carer to check in on them at their homes who can help run errands and do household chores if they are struggling to do these things by themselves.

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Another common issue amongst the senior community isstruggling with loneliness. If their partner has died or doesn’tlive close to friends or family, this isolation can lead to depression. If your elderly parent has spoken to you about how they feel lonely and are showing signs that they are struggling with this, exploring the idea of moving them to a retirement community could be a good idea, particularly if you can’t visit them as often as you’d like to. Companies like Belmont Village Senior Living can offer a range for independent living in a community, or if your parent does require a bit more help, they can move into an assisted living facility where they will get help with things like grooming, meal preparation, and other daily tasks they might struggle with. 

Poor Management of Finances

If you discover that your elderly parent has struggled to keep on top of their finances, such as failing to pay rent or other bills or perhaps is questionably spending their money, this should be a red flag. It’s also worth noting that, unfortunately, senior citizens are common victims of fraud that can leave them in financial ruin. If this is happening to your parent, you might need to step in to help them organize their finances, whether it’s setting up direct debits for the bills or making sure they understand what to look out for when it comes to scammers trying to take advantage. It would help if you also considered why it is exactly that they are struggling with their money, as there could be signs of further problems, like dementia, for example.

They Are Struggling with Basic Daily Tasks

Maintaining basic personal hygiene and preparing yourself a decent meal is part of a daily routine. Even keeping on top of housework such as laundry and cleaning is something that everyone needs to do regularly throughout the week to continue living in a respectable and comfortable environment. Have your parents showed signs that they are struggling with these simple tasks? If you have noticed that their home is in disarray when you visit, or it is clear they haven’t bathed in days or are unable to dress, looking at assisted living or hiring a carer to visit or live with them is an option. Alternatively, hiring household services as a domestic cleaner could help, or arranging for a meal delivery service to provide them with healthy meals they can heat themselves easily and quickly could be another route to consider. Of course, this will depend on the severity of the situation. 

Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help?

They’ve Had Recent Surgery or Started New Medical Treatment

As you get older, it can take longer for your body to heal after an injury, and if your parent has had recent surgery, they are likely to require help around the house in the aftermath. It might be the case that even after their surgical wounds have healed, they still don’t quite return to how they were before. Additionally, if your parent has begun new medical treatment, they might need someone to help them administer their medication or take them to their doctor’s appointments. In these scenarios, a carer who visits them at home could be a good option, but if they require more intensive care, looking at an assisted living facility might be a more sensible choice. 

Final Words

There are many senior care options available, and if you do think your elderly parent needs some help, take the time to do thorough research to find a form of care that is right for them. Ask them about what they want and keep them involved in the process to make sure they feel heard. Even if they are reluctant at first, it’s important both for you and for them to know that they are getting the best possible care available tocontinue living comfortably.

Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help?

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