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How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

How to overcome limiting beliefs

Let me begin with a small story-

“Once upon a time, two young boys were playing on thin ice. As they were playing, one of them fell through that ice into the lake underneath. The other one tried hard and he couldn’t reach his friend through that gap.

So he walked up to a tree, pulled and broke a branch of enormous size. He came back and started beating the ice and he saved his friend.

When the paramedics came and they were able to revive the kid, they were baffled and they couldn’t understand that how did his friend break an enormous sized branch and then beat the ice and save his friend. They thought it was IMPOSSIBLE

Then the old man who was standing there said, “I can tell you how he did it.”

They said, “How? How he did it.”

The old man said, “There was no one here to tell him that he can’t do it.

We all have some or the other limiting believes, these are the mental notions and assumptions we have, which hold us from reaching our goals and having a fulfilling life. Holding such beliefs can undoubtedly affect every aspect of our lives, may be health, relationships, money or career

Where these do believes come from? Usually they are born from our past conditioning, childhood believes, our deep rooted memories and what society/family/teachers have been telling us.

How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

Let’s make an attempt to find out and overcome such Limiting beliefs to discover our Limit Less potential.

Technique 1 –Positive Affirmations

First of all, identify and make a list of negative beliefs that you are having. Some of the common negative or limiting beliefs are:

  • I’m not important
  • I have already tried everything
  • Making money is a struggle
  • I am too old to start
  • God is punishing me
  • I’m not good enough
  • It’s selfish of me to want more
  • I don’t deserve it
  • All the good ones are taken
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I am too young, people won’t take me seriously

There is no limit to this list, just brainstorm and list out your own set of beliefs. Once you have done that pick up any of them and transform it the positive side of it (it doesn’t matter if you initially think that this is not true). For example: if you think “I don’t deserve it” change it to “I deserve the best”. This is a positive affirmation. Keep repeating it mentally as many times as possible, especially when your mind is prompting “I don’t deserve it”.

Write it down; keep chanting this like a mantra every time, while driving, cooking, bathing, while going to bed, as soon as you wake up. Do it particularly, when someone is trying to pull you down. After a while, your conscious, as well as the subconscious mind, will accept this as a reality.

Technique 2- Behave “As If”

Another effective method for building self-esteem is to act “as if”. In this method, you are creating the actions, “as if” you are using your actions. For example: if you are lacking confidence visualize yourself as a confident person and see how it feels to walk around with your head high and your shoulders back. Do it regularly for few days. This bodily stance will help your mind to forget the old picture of lack of confidence.

Real “I” is divine, pure and perfect. Real “I” has no limits – a limitless field of possibilities. No limiting belief, no matter how deep-rooted or powerful it is, stands any chance in the face of supremacy, of which we are a part.

Bottom Line

Remember that knowing how to eliminate the limiting beliefs is not enough. That won’t take you anywhere. the limiting beliefs must, therefore, need to be changed with time. They must also change alongside your goals. If you don’t change them, then you won’t change yourself, and you won’t be able to reach your goals.

How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

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