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Positive Impact of Clothing on Our Mental Health

Positive Impact of Clothing on Our Mental Health

Mental health concerns come with several physical and emotional symptoms. But the stigma and taboo surrounding mental health make it difficult for individuals to speak out loud about their issues. And even if someone is going through a lot, not everyone would be able to recognize it all through the naked eye.

Given the pandemic situation, the condition has gotten worse. People aren’t ready to open up, instead, they are trying to isolate themselves and their thoughts a lot. Additionally, they aren’t even able to dress up and socialize, or even get out for a walk. 

But did anyone ever realize that clothing or dressing up could work as an aid to distress? If not, then do keep reading to explore more about how clothing has a positive impact on mental health!

Clothing for mental health

So, Let’s Explore How Clothing Actually Impacts One’s Mental Health

Merging the world of fashion and mental well-being might sound weird to some. But let’s face it, your everyday lifestyle and the clothes you choose do affect your mental wellness. Clothing literally has the power to give us much more than just a look. In simpler words, it empowers us to become a better version of ourselves, every day.

Many of us even choose clothes according to our mood. For example, if you are feeling all good, you will wear something you love the most. But if it’s either way, you would go for minimal and comfortable clothing, so that no person judges you.

Also, the color of clothes plays an essential role to rebuild confidence. For example, if you are someone who likes grey color a lot, you’ll probably pick up a grey jeans outfit to feel good.

Back in the era of the great depression, during the 1930s, people were seen wearing more comfortable clothes to ease the stress. This is quite an evidential fact, that clothing does affect mental health, and here are some impacts you must look into!

5 Potential Impacts Of Clothing On Our Mental Health and Wellbeing

Positive Impact of Clothing on Our Mental Health

1. Allows a person to express a sense of self

Mental health issues often don’t allow a person to be themselves in any group or workplace. The individual tries to imitate another person’s thoughts or actions and lowers their own self-esteem. This action can lead to severe issues like depression stress, or anxiety.

On the other hand, dressing up all according to one’s own choices, helps an individual understand their true self. And it even helps a person stand firm on their decisions. Proper clothing cuts off sadness, and makes a person feel happier about themselves and their decisions!

2. Builds confidence

Certain clothing patterns like formal wear incites a feeling of power and confidence (that’s the only reason why many individuals prefer wearing them during interviews or meetings). Proper clothing helps an individual feel good about themselves and makes improves mental well being at the workplace.

Or perhaps, one can wear what they love wearing the most and give themselves a chance to peak boost their body confidence. Constantly keeping up with the trends even stimulates the brain, which is essential for overall mental wellness.

3. Influences Mood

As mentioned previously, many individuals often pick up clothes that express their mood. But one can even improve their emotional well-being if they choose to dress better or according to how they want to feel.

It’s also seen that wearing certain colors do boosts mood and makes a person feel more dominant. And this choice completely depends on personal preferences. But if picked perfectly, one could start their day on the best not even if they are feeling a bit low.

4. Improves Social Life

One of the common symptoms of mental issues is people stop socializing and instead isolate themselves. Talking to new groups or individuals feels no less like a trauma. But proper clothing can attract new people into a person’s life easier. This is because clothing appropriately makes you confident about your thoughts.

Also, if you are someone who stays in the loop with ongoing fashion trends, you can become a fantastic conversation starter. What you will be wearing can become the subject of the conversation, helping you connect and network better.

5. Boosts Creativity

Clothing in many ways feels like art. One can easily express their creative abilities through their choice of clothing. Pairing different patterns and colors help an individual explore more about themselves. And once a person starts understanding more about their choice, it gets easier for them to know their mental health triggers.

Let’s choose the khaki jeans for men as an example. Many individuals can pair such jeans with different colours and patterns. Hence, with creativity, one can transform themselves into a completely new you. This as a result boosts mood and helps us stay mentally fit.

Along with the concept of mental health, fashion is even a topic that has become extremely important nowadays. With the ever-changing societal norms, clothing has become more than just something, someone chooses to wear every day. And that’s how clothing has an extraordinary ability to improve one’s mood which directly has a great impact on mental wellness.

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