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Yoga Way of Living

Though I was always fascinated towards being healthy and fit, I was not too fond of doing yoga. But sometime back, just for the sake of winning a challenge given by a friend, I kick-started my yoga practice. I had no prior experience with the practice before I joined the challenge because I had perfect weight, flexible body and great strength, and assumed that, this is all I could have achieved by practicing yoga. But what I learnt after getting into regular practice of Yoga changed my mindset completely.

Since then, my journey within has deepened and contributed to my personal growth, inner peace, healing,  and evolution in all areas of life.

Yoga not only helps in you being physical healthy but it also has great impact on mind. It’s more of a mind-body practice that blends physical poses, systematic breathing, and meditation. Just as it improves physical health it boosts our mental health as well by reducing the stress and anxiety levels and calming down the mind.

Here is what happened, when I adapted Yoga way of Living

–          Improved body awareness and healing from past.

Before I started yoga, I was never even thought about how past traumas effect over everyday life. For instance, initially you may notice some resistance with heart-opening postures, frustration and anger, or may be incompetence to draw in a deep belly breath as you initiate. Each of these response points towards an area to release or work on. By consistently practicing yoga, one can explore the meaning of responses and observe measurable growth and improvement.

Yoga way of living

–          Yoga eases and moderates anxiety.

In addition to several physical benefits, yoga also helps you to reduce stress, due to everyday chaos. While practicing yoga, we learn to apply the principles of moderation, detachment, contentment, and surrender, which helps us bring attention to the present moment and let go off all that we carry about past and future in our minds. Being in the present is the natural cure for the anxious body and mind.

–          Restore Health and Happiness

While you spend your time, in performing various asana, there is another inevitable part of yoga is pranayama. Pranayam helps in bringing a balance to the life.  Spend some time in a quiet environment and perform pranayama, it will not only nourish and help you in grounding yourself but also help in restoring health and happiness. Lots of studies have found that a consistent yoga practice helps in overcoming depression. It also lead to a noteworthy increase in serotonin levels and a reduced levels of monoamine oxidase (an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters) and cortisol. Begin this restorative practice by sitting quietly for a few moments and simply connecting with your breath.

Yoga Way of living

Wrapping Up

There is much more to add to the benefits of yoga than these few. Some of those are better sleep, easing pain, improving mental strength and healing several disorders relating to nervous system, which are supposedly incurables. Seniors can benefit a lot from practicing yoga as well.

I could only realize this when I started doing Yoga. Reading an article or hearing from others can only bring knowledge, however if you really want to experience the transformation you actually need to jump onto your yoga mat and do it yourself. Making yoga, a part of everyday life has completely shifted my perception of failure, focus, and perseverance. There’s a kind of peace and assertion that comes when you achieve what you were previously unable to accomplish.

“Through the practices of yoga, we discover that concern for the happiness and well being of others, including animals, must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and well being. The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on Earth.”
Sharon Gannon

Yoga is have become my way of living! If you too love to enjoy Yoga Way of Living, then you would love to read more yoga related posts

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