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How to Write a Resume that Stands Out

A resume is our most faithful companion to find work, it is the element that defines us professionally, a concept that uses aptitudes, attitudes, talents and academic and work experiences. This document is indispensable, because it is the first…

Career Personal Growth

Two Steps to Excellence

When I was invited to write an article for this wonderful blog, I really didn’t know what the topic should be. We aren’t ever short of advice – is anyone? Ever? No, the problem was more about what to…


The Elephant in the Room: Speaking in PTE

Speaking in PTE Academic is what Writing is in IELTS – as crucial to success and as difficult to crack. Yet the underlying requirements are quite simple. You need to speak at your normal pace. You need to speak…

Career Happiness

Is It Really Difficult to Achieve Goals?

Why do many of us find it difficult to achieve our goals? Is it the lack of determination or low sense of worth? Well I think there are several things that contribute to the same, such as –          Not…