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Analytical Skills In the Workplace: How They Benefit Your Business?

Analytical Skills In the Workplace: How They Benefit Your Business?

Do you feel stuck in your job?

It may not be the job (or industry) itself keeping you down. You just haven’t unlocked your analytical superpowers yet!

You don’t even need a college degree to apply analytical skills in your job. In simplest terms, analytics is just problem solving, a skill you use every day in your daily life.

For example, before you go grocery shopping, you make a list of items. After you purchase your items, you receive an itemized receipt. Afterward, you may use that receipt for budgeting your next shopping trip.

Here are a few easy ways to apply analytics at work to unlock your hidden potential!

Save Money on Small Business Marketing

Do you work for a small “mom n’ pop” company?

If so, you likely wear multiple hats in this small business. Thus, you know how important it is to save money wherever you can (without sacrificing quality or results.)

Your boss asks you to craft a new marketing campaign for the holiday season, but they’ve set a strict budget.

How would you apply natural analytical thinking to this challenge?

Here are a few ideas to start?

  • Define the campaign’s time window
  • Create a shortlist of marketing service providers
  • Research free (quality) marketing resources
  • Make creative marketing materials in-house
  • Invest in social media management tools
  • Use all free analytics (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Craft appealing incentives for customers
  • Plan exciting product giveaways
  • Find an affordable payment model

Expanding on the last point, PPC platforms are great because you pay as you go. Businesses bid on ad space and keywords. Therefore, it’s important to research keywords with good search volume yet lower competition.

PPC ad models are ideal for mom n’ pop establishments. Plus, you enjoy extensive analytics to improve campaign performance in real-time.

Like PPC, freelancing solutions also help small business owners save money while enjoying high-quality results. Click for more information on professional website designers and freelance rockstars.

Tackle IT Problems With Analytical Skills

Let’s go back to the mom n’ pop shop example:

Suppose a cash register breaks. You peek into the IT closet, only to find a pile of old, obsolete registers.

Here are a few of the problems:

  1. You need a working cash register
  2. These old registers aren’t usable
  3. You need to dispose of the old equipment

However, the answer isn’t as simple as exchanging an old register for a new one.

You must safely dispose of the old register to prevent any data theft. You also need a register that’s compatible with your current POS system. If you’re operating old equipment, you may need to upgrade all your registers.

At this point, you may want to investigate more straightforward IT options for your small business. You may not need traditional registers at all. Small shops can get away with transforming apple iPads into quick and easy POS systems!

Leverage Your Natural Analytical Ability

Don’t let your natural problem-solving powers go to waste. Start applying analytical skills on the job to uncover hidden talents. These revelations could lead to an exciting new career.

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