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5 Step Plan to weight loss (or achieve any goal)

5 Step plan to weight loss

I have seen, many of my friends, going for crash diets and ridiculously spending so much of their times in gym to lose those extra pounds in their bodies. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any remarkable difference in them, perhaps the reason is the pressure they put on their heads, to achieve their dream bodies, instead of it they end up with feeling low and physically weak with no energy left to do anything else.

Last week, I met one of my old friend, who used be quite bulky sometime back. I was surprised to see her in a good shape and high on energy.

This is what I came to know during the conversation with her. – A five-step plan to weight loss and her body confidence.

She’d dieted for years with no remarkable difference. Here is what she did to lose weight and become healthy.

STEP 1: Accept yourself

For the shape and weight, you are now – this is the very first thing, one needs to do. Accept yourself and the situation as it is! We often fail to accept ourselves as well are forgetting that, if we won’t accept no one in the world would accept us.

Once you accept the things, your mind and body come at peace. And this is the right time to take the right action. Everything begins to fall in right place and you find the flow.

STEP 2: Focus

On what you love about your body now – when you focus on what you love, you attract more what you love (this is what law of attraction is and I am strong believer). When you appreciate what is right in your body, more you get the confident with howsoever it is and gaining the right weight with ease.

STEP 3: Eating mindfully

Mindfulness is the key. Rather than going on a stressful diet, simply set the achievable step to eat well and healthily in your next meal. If your mind questions you “is it helping me lose weight?” take your attention back to that moment, mind what you are eating, and be patient.

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STEP 4: Loosen up yourself (be kind to yourself)

Sometimes, if you end up eating lots of chocolates (by the way, eating dark chocolate can help you lose weight) or drinking a jar of fizzy drink, be kind enough to forgive yourself mentally or vocally or if you are a journal addict (like me), write it down. We are all human and its natural to make mistakes, just take a few deep breaths and forgive yourself. After all, you are one who loves you the most (whether you know this or not, but this true).

STEP 5: Be persistent with steps 1 to 4

Persistence is the key, no matter, what you want to achieve persistence is the most common and important element of the journey. “Behind every successful shot, there are hundreds of misses”. Once the action becomes the habit (or in other words you wire your subconscious mind to achieve success), it becomes easier to get whatever you desire.

Because life is a journey… sometimes, you fall, other times you gear up the pace. However, the journey continues.

5 Step Plan to weight loss

Please share your ideas and inputs about a mind journey in the comment box.

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