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Is Happiness A Choice?

Is happiness a choice?


Why can’t you stay happy? Why do you often crib so much? – just how many times you have heard or said these statements in your whole life, I bet MANY!

Life gets easier when we choose to be happy, sounds pretty simple right? 

But as much as we know our lives, there’s always something dramatic happening around. It could either be the stress of upcoming examinations, financial stress, or unexpected downs that sometimes gets difficult to handle. 

Nevertheless, let’s dive deep into the lake of happiness to truly understand WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE HAPPY, AND Why HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE in fact WHY HAPPINESS IS MERELY THE BEST CHOICE YOU COULD EVER MAKE!

The History Of Happiness

Happiness has always remained a topic of great interest for over centuries now. Philosophers, writers, entrepreneurs, and almost every individual have once stated the importance of happiness in their life, and how it changed it all. Even on a regular basis, we wish to pursue happiness daily, but somehow it gets difficult to stay happier every day!

From all these instances, we can honestly say happiness is a universal goal but is it a choice anymore?  

The concept of achieving and sustaining happiness got a little blurred because of all the humdrum around. However, it’s time for us to put a light on what happiness looks like, and whether happiness is a choice, or it just comes from within:

Happiness Is Nowhere Related To Genes

Many people think that some people are born with the ‘happy’ mindset, they don’t get stressed much, or they are often relaxed. And that’s how a few accept sadness, and never really wish to stay happier. Or possibly start avoiding happiness, and not taking charge of their own feelings. 

But the hard pill to swallow here is, happiness is nothing genetic, instead, it’s all based on experiences. One can invest their time into activities to cultivate happiness, or practice staying positive even in difficult situations. 

Happiness Is Nowhere Related To Finances

Now the next superstition attached to happiness is the amount of money a person has to live their life. Yet again, this perception of happiness is completely wrong, because no money can fulfil a man’s desires. Even though money grants a person access to valuable resources, human desires don’t know their limits. Rightly said, a person earning just $25,000 can be as happy as a millionaire, if he chooses to stay happy and content with his earnings.

So What’s The Deal Here?

Is happiness a choice

Happiness Is All About The Choices You Make For Yourself

The Source of happiness differs from person to person, but the feeling is merely the same. In simpler words, we can even say that happiness is a mix of action related changes and circumstantial changes. These changes in result deliver either long-term or short-term happiness. For this, one can take a moment to understand which practices in the past actually made them stay happier for long? And why haven’t they started doing it all, already?

It’s About The People And Place You Invest In

We, humans, are social animals, and we truly love sharing our experiences with others. Sometimes happiness takes a whole different meaning when shared with the right person, and it reaches to peaks. For example, celebrating a birthday with friends, or attending a family reunion, all these little investments make a person happier inside out. 

And all of this doesn’t mean you have to chase happiness, but choose it, and here are a few reasons too! 

5 Unavoidable Reasons To Choose Happiness Everyday:

Because You Stay Healthier

Go to any doctor, and the most common thing they ask to do is stay stress-free. Trust me, if you are happier, you are already healthier.

And the fact that when a person is happy, the good mood instantly boosts the immune system. Now this, directly helps a person engage in healthy practices like jogging, talking to people, and staying active. Also, researchers have discovered that happier people have a reduced risk of coronary heart issues and other related medical conditions.

In short, happiness may not (always) a cure for critical illnesses, but it can definitely improve a person’s lifestyle by helping them achieve a healthier life.

For example, one can start doing outdoor activities that make him/her happy, like gardening, playing, that are both healthy and source of enjoyment. 

Because It Gives Strength To Cope Up With Stress Better

With life, comes stress, and it’s truly an everyday thing. Whether it’s examination stress, or running late for a meeting stress, project stress, or what to eat for dinner kind off stress. No matter how intelligent or rich a person is, he/she can never escape stress. 

But since one can’t eliminate stress completely, the best thing they can do is face it all with a happy attitude. And people who choose to stay happy recover from stress faster and better. 

Because Happiness Is Contiguous

Once you start happiness, there is no way round you would get stressed anymore. For example, think about the last party or specific moment that made you happy. Yes, you smiled! 

Now simply think, don’t you wish to experience it all, all again? Definitely, YES! 

Hence, all of these instances clearly states that happiness radiates positive emotions. And there are more chances that all these ‘Positive vibes’ will stick to you for a longer time. 

Because It Builds Relationships (Both With Our Own Selves And People Around)

As mentioned previously, humans are social animals who thrive together and often wish to seek positive experiences. When a person is happy and at peace with their life, they spread positive vibes, which make other citizens happy, and creates happy communities.


Because It Cost A Person Nothing To Enjoy A HAPPIER Life

You must have probably realised by now, that happiness would cost you nothing, it’s just within your grasp. Simply find the right person, to share your experiences with, or visit a place that brings you joy. You might even think that a brand new dress, or a fat bank account will make you happier (yes, they do), but if these are beyond your grasp, you must not give up your happiness too. 

Try seeking happiness in smaller things, kind gestures, good meal, and a relaxing night. Because the more you learn to appreciate all little things you have in your life, to more sense of fulfillment, and joy you get!

In The End… What’s Life Anyway?

Life is a long, long journey which you have to complete without stressing much about the future.

Pursuing happiness is very much like studying for exams. You need to have a vision, a plan, dedication, resources, efforts, and more importantly patience. And even when an individual or a student passes the exam, he/she still needs to invest his time reading all those older education materials, because he/she might forget it all. 

The same goes for happiness, you have to make it a routine, orelse, there’s a good chance that you might end up drowning in unpleasant negativities and stressors. Remember, the goal here is not to eliminate stress or negativity, instead, the purpose here is to achieve a healthy balance between negative and positive experiences by staying happier. 

Choosing happiness is not as simple as it sounds, but since there are so many benefits you can get, then why not? It’s high time for every individual to understand that happiness consolidates a person’s overall sense of well being. Happiness is not just limited to cutting off negative experiences and distress, but even feeling the presence of pleasant experiences. Also, it helps an individual to observe the bright side of things, and follow life paths/decisions joyfully and with full of heart. 

Let’s keep it this way –

The moment a person chooses to be happy, is the moment he/she achieves it all, and takes a turn for the better!

Happiness is a choice

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  • Reply
    Grace This Place
    January 24, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    A phrase I use with my kids is “choose to be cheerful!” Meaning- even when something is upsetting to them they have the power and choice to choose how they react and hopefully they will choose joy more often!

  • Reply
    January 24, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    Happiness IS contagious! Great post, thank you!

  • Reply
    January 24, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    Love this article so much! Choosing joy every day!

  • Reply
    Flawless World
    January 24, 2022 at 8:35 pm

    Love, love, love this post! Thank you for sharing!

  • Reply
    Chronic Courage
    January 25, 2022 at 1:02 am

    I love the idea of finding happiness in the little things; it is something I work to do every day! Thank you for this!

  • Reply
    January 31, 2022 at 9:09 pm

    Looking for happiness everywhere and specially within myself is my mantra. beautifully written.

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