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My 6 P’s to achieving the dreams

My 6 P's to achieving the dreams

Let me come straight to the point. Here are the 6 “P”s that I follow to achieve the dreams.

P1: Plan: Having a plan gives a clarity of the goal as well as the path. Sometimes, you might not be aware of the path, all that you have is a goal in the mind. Planning can help in chunking down the big goal into small steps, which are practical and can be acted upon. So, when you start with some planning in mind (writing it down can be even more helpful), the path becomes vivid and executable.

P2: Patience. The first and the foremost – Patience. We often get anxious to get our goals fulfilled as soon as decide to have it. Whether it is about losing weight, meeting a partner or having a breakthrough in the career path. I strongly believe that “patience is the key”.  Rome was not built overnight. Frustration can lead to undesired results.  As soon as the frustrating thoughts appear in mind, just take a break for while sit down and breathe in deeply for few minutes or go out and walk barefoot (if possible) on the grass. Whenever you set a goal, don’t forget to keep aside, a few moments to calm down. This will help in overcoming the impatience of the mind.

P3: Practice (or sometimes “Perspiration”): Behind every right shot there are hundreds of missed shots. It’s absolutely fine to make mistakes and miss the shots. After all, mistakes are our mentors that walks all along the journey to success. Everything requires some practice before we become fluent with it.  By taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are and what we achieved – and perhaps learned through a few slips, missteps and losses – you actually can enhance everything about ourselves.

P4: Persistence: Success is born out of persistently turning up day after day. “If you are tired, take a break but don’t quit”. Giving up is not the solution. Don’t be afraid of changing the path, if required. The journey to victory is seldom straight line dance. However, if you are persistent, you can conquer everything.

My 6 P's to achieving the dreams

P5: Presence: most of the times we focus on the end goal. I know, we need to keep the eye on the final goal, that’s quite important. But being in the present moment and focusing only on the “task in hand” will help in accomplishing the goal faster. I read these lines somewhere “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. However, when you slow down and become present, the little butterfly comes and rests gently on your shoulder.” In the quest to achieve our dreams we often overlook that the life is here in the present moment and forget to live it. The opportunities lie in this moment. If you are working out here and mind is still wondering in past or future, then there is a great possibility that you miss the opportunities that come across.

P6: Prayers: while we run our race, we often forget, there is a universal force which is backing us up to reach our destination and creating the right environment for us. Prayers keeps us strong and help up overcoming the odds that we might come across. Although, I mentioned this point in last but this is the most important of all P’s, as this is the place from you get courage and strength to dream a big goal. This is how you get the insights and awareness to move forward towards any higher goal and accomplishment.

“No Dream is Impossible if you can dare to pursue it” – Jais

My 6 P's to achieving the dreams

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  • Reply
    Anja Petterson
    December 23, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    Yes!! Thank you for sharing. A lot to Think about!

  • Reply
    Ann Syson
    December 23, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    Yes!! I love all of these and completely agree! Especially with presence. Being right here, right now, is important. You cannot get to the big goal without all the little steps!

  • Reply
    Dane Asmone
    December 23, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    Excellent Read,
    Very important points discussed here!
    Love the concept of the 6 Ps as it is easy to remember as well!
    Thank you for sharing Jais .

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