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How does Practicing Yoga benefits you?

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga – which is being adapted as an art of bringing body-mind-spirit into balance, used to be a way of life in earlier days. Yoga, as a lifestyle is rooted in the culture of health and well-being. Human beings are much more than a physical body or a mind. We are spiritual beings. Yoga helps in promoting a balanced development of mind, body, and spirit.

While every form of exercise has its own benefits at the physical level; Yoga goes way beyond just the physical level. Here are some of the ways, you can get benefited by practicing yoga.

Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga everyday. 

Improves Stability and Balance:

Yoga is not limited to those, who are young and energetic. The practice is helpful for seniors to maintain the strength of muscles and improving balance. Yoga prevents the probability of falls, which is an increasing concern as you grow old. If at all, one faces the falls, the person is more likely to recover faster. Several studies reveal that practicing yoga on a regular basis protects our chromosomes from degenerating, hence slows down the process of aging.

How does Practicing Yoga benefits you?

Improves Flexibility and Joint Health

Joint stiffness and aches are the common problem faced by lots of people these days, especially, if they have a sedentary lifestyle, such as a desk job. Studies show that yoga is therapeutic in managing stiffness and increasing flexibility, which in turn lowers down the joint pains and risk of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis in elderly women. Regular practice of Yoga for flexibility also, tone your supporting muscles and helps in preventing injuries. Practice yoga to improve flexibility. 

Helps in reducing High Blood Pressure

Practicing yoga can help you in naturally reducing Hypertension, or high blood pressure, which has become a common concern for many people. In recent studies, it is discovered that yoga reduces oxidative stress levels which is a primary cause of increased blood pressure. Practising yoga to reduce high blood pressure is a natural way to manage this common lifestyle disorder.

Helps in lowering Anxiety

 The slow movements and breathing techniques of restorative yoga shows drastic improvements in controlling anxiety level. When yoga is practiced regularly it has the ability to ease your sympathetic nervous system’s frightening response, therefore, the mind remains calm and the chances for disease-inducing inflammation is also reduced.

Improving Mindfulness

 This is one of the most promising and important benefits of Yoga. Upon adopting the yogic breathing techniques (also known as Pranayam) and listening to your body, you gradually expand your awareness. You become more mindful or present, not only towards your body but also your thoughts, emotions and your response towards challenging situations. Besides, you also tend to become mindful of your food to eat, environment, your social circle, and the world around you.

Stress Management with Yoga

Stress is one of the root causes of most of modern life illness. The mental stress you build up, directly effects the cells of the body in numerous ways leading to dreadful illnesses. Fortunately, practicing yoga can help you manage day-to-day stress to a great extent. Yoga, induces a deeper level of mind-body relaxation, therefore helps in lowering down the stress hormones. Studies show that stress speeds up the aging process. So by managing stress, you are directly adding more healthy years to your life.

Bottom Line

These low-impact moves are the simplest way to stay fit and balanced on all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. Practicing yoga three times a week for 30 mins to one hour can show drastic improvement in your overall well-being.

Using yogic techniques can help you become more in-tune with your body & mind, alongside it will also be helpful in achieving a more spiritual state of being. Attaining this balanced state is the key to lasting happiness and prolonged youth.


stress management with yoga

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